Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Madison County Children's Camp to provide a program of fun, educational, and safe camp activities that will help children attending to thrive physically and emotionally, gain an understanding of their importance and place in the community, and develop the life skills necessary for positive, productive relationships with peers, family members, and other adults in their lives. 

Annually the camp provides a favorable environment for fun, an atmosphere of physical and emotional safety, cooperative game playing to build group trust and self-awareness, and equal opportunity for all campers regardless of circumstances. Camper selection is determined without regard to race, color, sex, age, handicaps, religion, or national origin.

Positive surroundings and constant feedback allow children to gain a special perspective regarding their importance and place in the community as they learn strategies to meet life's challenges.
Camp Lookout is located on a scenic hilltop off of Route 26, south of West Eaton, adjacent to Bradley Brook Reservoir. 
Our summer address is
2112 Wheler Drive, Eaton, NY 13334

Our summer phone number is (315) 684-9129

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Who We Are

Madison Children's Camp, "Camp Lookout", is located on Bradley Brook in Eaton, New York. Camp Lookout welcomes boys and girls, ages 8-13, regardless of economic, social, or cultural background, who attend school in Madison County. The 144 acre campground includes a 900 foot waterfront activity area. Camp's 30 buildings include 22 cabins for campers and staff members, a dining and/or recreation hall, an infirmary, and buildings for arts, crafts, nature and athletics. 

What We Do

Camp Lookout's program of activities includes nature studies, arts and crafts, swimming and canoeing, and individual and team sports. Our program also includes cooperative games and activities such as the Field of Awareness, a series of stations with physical activities that require individual and group cooperation to succeed.

Camp Lookout Thanks Our Supporters and Sponsors

Camp Lookout continues to thrive thanks to the support of many individuals, businesses, and organizations. Every contribution allows us to cover our normal operating expenses for our summer camp or funds special projects. It is your financial assistance each year that directly effects our children. Thank you from the entire staff and our campers for your continued support of our mission each summer.

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