Camp News 2017

August 20th 2017:
Unfortunately the summer camp season is over. It was a great summer with a hard working and dedicated staff leaving their mark on 630 campers and 77 CITs who attended Camp Lookout this summer. Congratulations to our raffle winners: Teresa S of Morrisville (boy's bicycle), Tammy B of North Carolina (fishing package), Allan A of Eaton (girl's bicycle), and Michele L of Bridgeport (Water Safari passes). We will not so patiently await the summer of 2018. Thanks to everyone who helped to make the summer of 2017 a success.

August 16th 2017:
We are once again running a pretty full house at camp with 94 campers this week. That brings our total to 630 campers and 77 CITs for the summer of 2017...largest total since the summer of 2000.  The weather has been cooperative so far as we enjoy all the camp has to offer and begin the process of closing down the facility. Three of our former counselors...Jane, Kate, and Kyla...have joined the staff for our final week.

August 9th 2017:
We have welcomed another full house of campers this week...97 nine and ten year old campers. They are full of energy and having a great time with some exceptional late summer weather. We are inching ever closer to the sadness of closing camp down for the summer but trying to eek out every but of fun until that day arrives.

July 30th 2017:
 We are returning to a normal schedule of camp program this week as we welcome another group of 10 and 11 year olds. We are scheduled to be very full again this week and the weather looks promising. This is also the week that we welcome our Board of Directors and guests for dinner on Wednesday night. The summer is flying by as we enter August and see the end of camp getting closer.

July 24th 2017:

We are entering our second week with our oldest campers...12 and 13. These weeks are always a welcome change of pace for the staff and the campers as the campers are allowed to pick their own classes for half of the day and have a bit more independence. The weather last week was very summer like while this week is promising too much rain for our liking.

July 11th 2017:
We have another packed week of camp for week 2...95 campers and 14 CITs.  So far the weather is holding and everyone is having a great time in athletics, arts and crafts, nature, swimming, and boating.

July 3rd 2017:
Our first week of campers and CITs have arrived...107 all together. Everyone seems to be adjusting well and the campers are enthusiastically involved in all of the camp activities. Hopefully the nice weather will continue.

June 21st 2017:
The start of our summer season is quickly approaching. Most of our weeks are scheduled to be full (or over filled) throughout the summer. Our biggest openings are during the weeks for 12 and 13 year old campers.  We still have a small number of openings for CITs especially older boys. Physically the Board of Directors has initiated and funded many improvements this summer, so the facility is almost ready to go. The staff will be moving in Monday June 26th to start their week of training to prepare for our first group of campers on July 2nd.

May 28th 2017:

Letters have been mailed for campers, CITs, and staff. We are very busy at camp getting the physical plant ready for another summer. Besides the regular clean up, we are installing a new walk in cooler, working on the erosion of the boy's path to the waterfront, reworking the field of awareness, doing extensive tree trimming and removal, and beginning our annual solicitation of funding. The entire staff is looking forward to another fantastic summer.

 MAY 2017:

We are finalizing camper rosters and CIT assignments for the summer of 2017. Notifications and paperwork will be mailed out around Memorial Day. Many of the weeks are nearly full but we are still looking forward to the return of the waiting list forms in order to fill up and balance each week.

February 2017:

We are starting to gear up for the summer of 2017. Camper forms will be out to the schools nurses in early March. We have also mailed out letters to the campers that participated in CIT Prep classes last summer as well as the CITs from last summer that are eligible to return as CITs again this summer. The guidance departments throughout the county will also be receiving CIT information and applications in early March. Both the CIT and staff applications are available on our website. PLEASE NOTE: the initial application to be a camper at Camp Lookout is NOT available on the website.
Summer Dates 2017:

Staff Training Week: June 26th through June 30th

8 and 9 year olds: July 2nd through July 7th

10 and 11 year olds: July 9th through July 14th

12 and 13 year olds: July 16th through July 21st

12 and 13 year olds: July 23rd through July 28th

10 and 11 year olds: July 30th through August 4th

9 and 10 year olds: August 6th through August 11th

8 and 9 year olds: August 13th through August 18th
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